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Fri Dec 1 07:48:11 UTC 2017

Grizzly via ubuntu-users schreef op 01-12-2017 7:16:
> 30 November 2017  at 21:46, Adam McClure wrote:
> Re: Keylogger (at least in part)
>> You shouldn't need a keylogger. The best thing to do would to save the
>> document after every few sentences.
>> A keylogger is only going to slow down your computer since it'll be 
>> recording
>> and saving all of your keystrokes in the background.
> My "Guess" is the OP is nore intrested in "others" keystrokes not his 
> (just my
> 1.5p  or $0.02 US ;->)

Why would I need a GUI for that?

Obtaining others' keystrokes by installing an applet in the system tray 
to notify them they are being keylogged?

Smart idea...

And If I needed a Keylogger I wouldn't need to ask here, I could just 
search. (And I already have one).

But it just produces a long list of nonsense that you have to sed first.

Well that's done now but it's still annoying.

Strangely it crashed yesterday evening when I was done writing...

Hmmm... maybe I can just tie it to LibreOffice startup and shutdown, 
that should be easy :D.

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