Ubuntu installer freezing after Grub install

Russell Jones russell-list at jonesmail.me
Tue Jun 21 00:12:39 UTC 2016


Hi all, 

I am facing a weird situation where an automated Ubuntu installation d-i
seems to be freezing after Grub has finished installing. The last
message that is shown in terminal 4 that seems to be some kind of error

main-menu: WARNING ***: Internal error! Cannot find
"debian-installer/main-menu doesn't exist" in menu. 

On the main screen is just a blank purple background, no message or
popup of any kind. 

I've done a lot of searching on Google and have found one previous
report of this with no answer that I could find. I've also enabled
debconf debug and the output doesn't seem to point towards any
particular cause of this issue. 

This happens if the node is installed via biosgrub method. If I install
the node via UEFI, this error does not happen. Unfortunately I can't
just rely on UEFI though due to this configuration needing to work for
multiple different hardware platforms.

Any help towards what to start looking at would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you! 
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