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Hi Ralf.

On tirsdag den 7. juni 2016 09.23.05 CEST, Ralf Mardorf 
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> I never experienced this with gedit or any other editor, but what I
> experience with a lot of software are the following issues.
> When using the right click menu, it could happen, that the mouse
> pointer is above paste and the mouse button could be released, due to a
> debounce issue.
> When selecting text with the mouse, it could happen that by accident
> the middle mouse button is pressed, this triggers a copy & past.
> When selecting text with the mouse, it sometimes by accident
> happens, that the order of the words or code does change, I don't know
> how this happens, but it's seemingly a feature triggert by mouse
> buttons.
> Linux environments and Linux software design expect perfect designed and
> working mice and users without handicaps such as tremor.
> The mouse settings should be changed to handle debounce in a sane way,
> as well as issues caused by less ergonomical mice and handicaps such a
> tremor. The software should provide e.g. right click menus were the
> mouse pointer not randomly could be above a critical action.
> Similar issues are known for new proprietary tablet software, if you
> e.g. touch a button to close an opened window, then the button below the
> close button is pushed, too. But other than by Linux upstream, the
> upstream of proprietary software fix such issues. When using Linux you
> need to waste our planet, through away your old mice and buy new mice.
> The known mice issues usually do not exist for proprietary software.
> However, I'm not a gedit user anymore, but I suspect there still isn't
> such a bug as you described, I suspect the bug disappears, if you
> replace your mouse.

Very interesting. Never thoughed along those lines regarding my former 
Gedit problems...


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