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Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Tue Jun 7 07:23:05 UTC 2016

>On mandag den 6. juni 2016 23.14.30 CEST, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Watch gedit carefully, it has a nasty habit of copy/pasting source
>> codes back into the middle of other lines of source code that may be
>> 500 lines away.  I have probably spent 50 to 100 hours trying to
>> clean up its upchucks.  

I never experienced this with gedit or any other editor, but what I
experience with a lot of software are the following issues.

When using the right click menu, it could happen, that the mouse
pointer is above paste and the mouse button could be released, due to a
debounce issue.

When selecting text with the mouse, it could happen that by accident
the middle mouse button is pressed, this triggers a copy & past.

When selecting text with the mouse, it sometimes by accident
happens, that the order of the words or code does change, I don't know
how this happens, but it's seemingly a feature triggert by mouse

Linux environments and Linux software design expect perfect designed and
working mice and users without handicaps such as tremor.

The mouse settings should be changed to handle debounce in a sane way,
as well as issues caused by less ergonomical mice and handicaps such a
tremor. The software should provide e.g. right click menus were the
mouse pointer not randomly could be above a critical action.

Similar issues are known for new proprietary tablet software, if you
e.g. touch a button to close an opened window, then the button below the
close button is pushed, too. But other than by Linux upstream, the
upstream of proprietary software fix such issues. When using Linux you
need to waste our planet, through away your old mice and buy new mice.

The known mice issues usually do not exist for proprietary software.

However, I'm not a gedit user anymore, but I suspect there still isn't
such a bug as you described, I suspect the bug disappears, if you
replace your mouse.


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