How to delete a printer definition

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Sat Jun 4 19:55:42 UTC 2016

Bob wrote:
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> 2016 07:36:09 +0200
> > Bob wrote:
> > > Any ideas on how to permanently delete a printer difinition?
> > 
> > Go to the CUPS page at <http://localhost:631/printers/> and click on
> > the name of the printer to remove. At the new page there are two
> > drop down menues. Click the one which reads "Administration" and
> > select "delete printer" (or something similar - mine is talking
> > German an I don't know the phrase used in the English version).
> > Then you will have to enter your credentials, i.e. your user name
> > (the one which is also in the lpadmin group) and the password for
> > your account.
> I did look at the "printer" page but could not find the delete option.
>  Since you gave such good instructions I went back to try again. 
> When I clicked on the printer name I got the same thing I had before
> and that was an error message.

That seems a bit strange to me. Maybe my instructions were not that good 
after all, so I installed a remote printer on a 16.04 machine (I don't 
have 15.10 anywhere). Then I connected to that machine via ssh and 
opened the page in firefox like explained above. Funnily the dialog on 
that machine was in English for whatever reason. Then I made a 
screenshot of the point where you can delete the printer. I have 
attached the picture.

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