How to delete a printer definition

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> Bob wrote:
> > On Ubuntu 15.10 I can not delete a printer definition.  Using System
> > Settings -> Printers if I right click on a printer icon and click
> > Delete sometimes the printer icon will disappear for a second or two
> > and then reappear but most of the time the icon just flickers.
> > 
> > Searching for the problem I found one problem from several years ago
> > that said I needed to click the "unlock" button on the System
> > Settings -> Printers window which I can not find.  Another one said I
> > had to be a member of the lpadmin group which I am.
> > 
> > Any ideas on how to permanently delete a printer difinition?
> Go to the CUPS page at <http://localhost:631/printers/> and click on the 
> name of the printer to remove. At the new page there are two drop down 
> menues. Click the one which reads "Administration" and select "delete 
> printer" (or something similar - mine is talking German an I don't know 
> the phrase used in the English version). Then you will have to enter 
> your credentials, i.e. your user name (the one which is also in the 
> lpadmin group) and the password for your account.

I did look at the "printer" page but could not find the delete option.  Since
you gave such good instructions I went back to try again.  When I clicked on
the printer name I got the same thing I had before and that was an error

The Address wasn't understood
Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because one of the following
protocols (ipps) isn't associated with any program or is not allowed in this

I tried clicking on all printers I have defined and found that the only ones
that give me that message are printers that are on another computer, the
printers that are defined as connected to this computer all seem to work
properly (but I did not click delete to fully test them).


Robert Blair

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