Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Fri Jan 8 04:09:43 UTC 2016

I am in the process of moving from 12.04 to 14.04. When I discovered how 
crippled Nautilus is in 14.04 I started looking for a different file 
manager. Raf mentioned SpaceFM so I took a look at it.

I have it setup and running. It looks like a good replacement for 
Nautilus but I am having one problem I need to solve.

It does not seem to retain the column widths I have setup in the various 
panes.  For example if I make it full screen and then switch back to my 
normal size the first column (name in my case) will expand to take up 
the entire pane and move the other columns out of sight to the right. 
At his point I have to resize the panes to see the hidden columns and 
resize them to return to the look I want. This also seems to happen if I 
close a tab in a pane.

SpaceFM vers 0.9.4 on an up to date Ubuntu 14.04.

Does anyone know how to keep the columns the width I set them?

Thanks, Jim

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