touch screen, charging, pointer craziness

Gary J. Kirkpatrick garyartista at
Fri Oct 23 07:22:57 UTC 2015

I have a number of odd things going on.  Reverting to an earlier kernel
does not seem to make any difference.

1) sometimes the mouse pointer drags itself to launcher, which I have set
to autohide, and gets rather stucke there while it, well, vibrates.  Sits
there and jiggles.  Most of the time I can drag it back and it resumes

2) I have a touch screen laptop.  After 14 months of working perfectly, it
will work for a few minutes after a reboot and then refuse to work any
longer.  Occasionally resetting lightdm gets it going again, but usually
for just a few minutes.

3) Sometimes after a reboot or removing the plug, the battery meter shows
that the battery is discharging.  If I remove then reinsert the plug
several times it will show it is charging again.  The power supply shows
the 19.2 volts it should.

I doubt these items are related other than they all started happening at
the same time.

Sometimes it seems to help if I remove all power sources and hold the start
button down.  Lately that hasn't helped.

Any thoughts?


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