hardware accelerated ASL entered Debian

Zeev Pekar zeev.pekar at avtechscientific.com
Sat Oct 17 18:44:11 UTC 2015

Hello everybody,

I'm really happy that everything ended up peacefully - a rare case

I'll write a few words to my defense and if you don't find them
convincing - let me know, so I do not cause such inconveniences in

1. My second mail to the Arch mailing list (in August) was concerning
voting for the ASL package that was already packaged - I didn't try to
annoy the community looking for packagers once again. We got the
required number of votes very fast (and some FB "likes" as well ;) ) and
moved to the official repo.

I have to say that in every single distro we have reached out to, we
found extremely nice and supportive people who volunteered to package
ASL and the Arch developers were the fastest - they got in under 24
hours once it became technically possible.

2. Facebook "likes" issue: it was not in the main focus of my message,
only in PS as Oli has pointed out. I also didn't try to beg or even ask.
I just informed those who find ASL useful anyway that we have a small
technical problem that can easily be solved. (We look merely for 25
"likes" to get the proper URL - we do not try to initiate an advertising
campaign. We also want them to be genuine "likes" - otherwise we could
have simply asked our friends to do that). Anyway I agree that this
topic might be sensitive.

3. I added ubuntu-users and scientists to the message in order to inform
the general public that the package is (almost) available for them to
use. I also added developers (which seemingly was OK) in order to ask
them whether it was still possible to sync ASL to Ubuntu.

Those were my thoughts in the time of sending the mail - so again, if
something is still not OK - let me know, so I can improve my etiquette.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to read Oli's mail regarding the way new
Debian packages get synced on time to open a request. What is the
deadline for that - the kernel freeze or the final release? It's sad
that it was only 30 seconds of work and I missed it :( If it is too late
then ASL should enter Ubuntu automatically with the next 16.04 release
and let's hope that nobody from the community will need something like
this till then ;) (ASL was used there):


Was nice to meet yet another Linux distro community!
Peace, men!

On Fri, 2015-10-16 at 15:52 +0200, silver.bullet at zoho.com wrote:
> Thread started in June:
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-general/2015-June/039317.html
> We explained and helped.
> You came back in August:
> https://lists.archlinux.org/pipermail/arch-general/2015-August/039623.html
> And you were ignored by everybody from the list.
> However, my apologies, I misread the link I provided. It already is
> moved to community and it's indeed not an AUR link. I must have missed
> the votes, there seemingly were votes.
> Anyway, in more than 10 years of joining Linux mailing lists of
> different distros this is the first time a software developer asks on
> user or developer mailing lists for packagers that will maintain the
> software in official repositories. I don't know a single other
> developer who did that too. I helped you too, so I'm surprised that you
> did it again.
> You simply use the wrong channels for your requests and yes ongoing
> begging for votes on Facebook is evil, bad, wrong.
> While user mailing lists are also the wrong channel for announcements,
> it's ok for me if developers announce new software or releases on those
> lists. So it's ok for me, if you will do this too, but consider not to
> radical beg for votes on social media and for packagers on those lists.
> TIA,
> Ralf

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