hardware accelerated ASL entered Debian

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Oct 16 14:44:54 UTC 2015

Am Freitag, den 16.10.2015, 16:05 +0200 schrieb Liam Proven:

> > While user mailing lists are also the wrong channel for announcements,
> > it's ok for me if developers announce new software or releases on those
> > lists. So it's ok for me, if you will do this too, but consider not to
> > radical beg for votes on social media and for packagers on those lists.
> (Just to show that I do not always argue, Ralf, I strongly agree with
> you on this!)
> This is a highly unusual way to approach this question. Ralf is also
> correct that you are using the wrong channels, and attempting to get
> support on social media is also inappropriate.
well, the post went to three MLs, one of them being the
ubuntu-devel-discuss list, the other being motu-science ... both of them
were appropriate for such a request, i agree though that a) including
ubuntu-users was definitely the wrong target, b) cross posting to
multiple lists is a big no-no in general (i think it is also mentioned
in several places in the mailing list rules for all lists)
> Mr Pekar, you do not seem to understand how the FOSS development
> process works nor how FOSS operating systems are developed. You need
> to go off and learn about this rather than demanding to be included on
> user-support lists.
he wasnt demanding. the package is in debian and he asked for it to be
synced into ubuntu before release (and i pointed to the correct docs for
this, i hope the necessary bugs have been created in time since we are
now in final freeze). distros are exactly developed this way, usually
you have a packager that knows the distro and packaging policies who
takes an upstream project and packages it for a distro. it is highly
undesired that upstreams do this themselves in most distro models
(except for ubuntu snappy where it is exactly the opposite ;) ). 
how else would he find packagers than asking on a developer list where
these packagers hang out ? 
(again, cross posting to ubuntu-users was definitely a failure here)

> My only point of difference with Ralf here is that I /have/ once or
> twice seen other developers asking for their apps to be included. It
> is not the correct way to do it, though.
it is exactly the correct way to do it, we usually ask upstreams to
either get the package included in debian by a debian maintainer for
syncing or to find an ubuntu maintainer to take over the packaging. just
the target list was wrong.


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