hardware accelerated ASL entered Debian

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Wed Oct 14 09:32:27 UTC 2015

On Wed, 14 Oct 2015 01:48:24 -0700, Tony Baechler wrote:
>On 10/13/2015 10:08 AM, Zeev Pekar wrote:
>> Now it is easier to use in Ubuntu, but I wanted to ask the developers
>> whether it is still possible to add ASL to the upcoming 15.10 release
>> considering the fact that nothing (yet) depend on it, so nothing
>> should break?  
>I am not a Ubuntu developer, but I would say no.  First, 15.10 is
>going to be released very soon now, so it would be impossible.
>Packages have been frozen for quite some time already.  You have two
>1. Wait for 16.04 which is when it will probably make it into Ubuntu 
>officially.  They pull all packages from Debian testing at the
>beginning of the release cycle, so probably early next month.
>2. Create a PPA and write blog posts about it so search engines will
>find it.

They likely hope that somebody will do it for them, as it was done by
somebody from the Arch community. And then after a few month they will
send a new request to this list.

>Regardless, this is not a developer list, it's a user support list, so 
>you're probably asking in the wrong place.

I've got concerns about the ASL folks.

They send the same request to the Arch general mailing list. It was
explained how Arch Linux works, that the first thing they should do is
to package it on their own and provide it by the Arch user repository
and that the Arch general mailing list is not the right place for such
requests. They got a lot of help from the Arch community.

Two month later they send a request to the Arch general mailing list
to vote on the AUR user repository for their software, because this is
the Arch way to get software into the official repositories. They also
advertised to vote on facbook, as they do on this list too.

While they get a lot of help from the community, they still ignore the
correct way of behaving.

The original request to Ubuntu was cross-posted to three mailing lists
ubuntu-devel-discuss at lists.ubuntu.com, ubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com,
ubuntu-motu-science at lists.ubuntu.com.

I consider it as spam!

The request to the Ubuntu list was send at October 13th.

October 15th is the final freeze.


JFTR the correct way to get software into official Ubuntu repositories
is to first get it into Debian repositories. The Debian tracker
provides the links to Ubuntu. That this is done has some reason, e.g.


IOW they completely ignore distro policies, they just ask others to do
their homework.


They didn't get a single vote:

As an example, another package got 69 votes
and it didn't met it into the official Arch repositories, while they
expect to get into the official repository with just 10 votes.

I wonder if there are any ulterior motives.


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