How to determine what to delete in a partition to install Ubuntu,

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Mon Oct 5 07:48:14 UTC 2015


we could describe how to get rid of your Windows and how to install
as much Ubuntu flavours as possible on the provided disk space, but
that has nothing to do with troubleshooting.

I would like to understand the issues you experience, but not all at
once, just one after the other.

Note, for some of us English isn't the native language.

1. Open a terminal and run

  lsb_release -dr >~/post-it.txt;uname -rm >>~/post-it.txt

2. Open an editor and load


3. Delete all quoted text from the email you reply.

4. Copy the text from the editor and paste it to the email.

5. Describe the most important issue you experience at the moment.
   Don't describe several issues.
   Don't tell us what somebody told you.
   Try to describe what exactly you are doing. What applications are
   you using? What hardware etc.?

For example:

I try to print the file /home/foo/red_square.jpg.

To do this, I open the file with the application Krita.

The jpg definitively is a red square, but it's shown as a green square
by Krita.

I don't know how to find out what graphics driver actually is used.

My monitor is an IBM 5151.

When trying to print the square using Krita, the angles of the printed
squares aren't right angular.

The printer is a HP DeskJet 600.


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