How to determine what to delete in a partition to install Ubuntu,

Richard Barmann reb at
Mon Oct 5 02:14:07 UTC 2015

On 10/04/2015 01:57 AM, silver.bullet at wrote:
> On Sat, 03 Oct 2015 18:13:55 -0400, Richard Barmann wrote:
>> The reason I need the 15.04 is that the files I open in 15.10 are out
>> of proportion with the origanals. I have to work with them to print as
>> shown in flyers that I made in the past.
> Richard consider to describe the issue more detailed.
> 1. What application do you use to open what kind of files?
> I open the Flyers from an .odt file and the 3-fold Brocure from a .odg file
>     Do you open JPEGs with GIMP?
> Yes
>     Or what else do you do?
> 2. What do you mean with "out of proportion with the origanals"?
> The Flyers thar I print in Xfce is great. If I try to print it in Kubuntu 15.10 it runs into a second page.
>     Do pictures have different sizes then original pictures when they
>     are displayed and/or printed?
>     Or what else are you experiencing? My Xfce is riding on version 15.04. That what shows as it is loading.
          When I tried to update the Kubuntu 15.04 it would not load. I 
was told that my Video Card was at fault even though it worked in 
previous versions of Kubuntu.
           I was told to use Xfce which I have been doing. When I saw 
the build of Kubuntu 15.10 I burned a disk and loaded it hoping that the 
problem was fixed in the newer version.
          When it  worked someone in the forum told me it was using the 
Video Card in the Motherboard for the 15.10 version and the other card 
(Gforce 6200 that I had installed was working in Xfce. Is that possible? 
I would like to get rid of the Xfce and either install the Kubuntu 15.10 
that is coming down on the 22nd of the month or get Ubuntu
To work along side of it. I like Kubuntu and want to use it as much as I 
can. I have Xfce , Kubuntu, and Windows 98 in my PC at this time. I 
could get rid of Windows also if I knew how.
> Regards,
> Ralf

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