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On Saturday 28 November 2015 08:24:56 Petter Adsen wrote:

> On Sat, 28 Nov 2015 08:07:22 -0500
> Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
> > It seems like the underlieing ncurses interface for mc is getting
> > easier and easier to destroy, but mc is still the king of 2 pane
> > file managers. Anything that is a one window file manager is
> > operating under a false name IMNSHO.
> Then take a look at SpaceFM if you want a graphical file manager, it
> can have up to four panels in any single window. The scripting support
> goes far beyond anything mc has. I've used mc a lot (and Norton
> Commander in days long gone) but now rely on SpaceFM for day-to-day
> use.
> Petter

I just installed the gtk3 version to see what it looked like.  What it 
looked like was a 1 pane file locator that couldn't even find *, and I 
could not find in the menu's, any way to configure it as a 2 pane file 
manager.  So I nuked it.

I just looked at thunar again since it seems to be part of the wheezy 
install, and again, while it can show me any file on my home network 
that I have the rights to see, 10 minutes worth of browsing the menu's 
didn't discover a 2 pane setup, so I wasn't even able to copy a file 
from one place to another.

We do NOT have a "graphical" file manager worthy of the name until we 
have both a pretty face, AND the capabilities of mc.  Preferably with 
the same hotkeys so we don't have to break 18 year old habits that go 
clear back to the amiga and amigados.

If you know how to make spacefm-gtk3 behave in a manner similar to mc, 
please expand on the howto, or possibly its man page, which I did not 
peruse, so I have to clue if it even has one.  I'll put it back in and 
try it again.

And on the reinstall (had also since installed kino and some other stuff 
whose lengthy dependencies pulled in may have effected spacefm's gtk3 
interface) and its a whole different utility now.  But I couldn't 
find "copy" in the menu's, so I guess I'll have to get used to 
drag-n-drop. Attempted overwrites were suitably intercepted, and when 
ok'd, it did it.

I'll try and get used to it.  But where's the adjust the perms menu's etc 
that I often run a root session of mc for?

While its pretty, unless that stuff can be handled by using lsattr, 
chattr, chown and chmod as plugins, its still far from as complete as a 
real file manager like mc is.

What I don't grok was why it was so crippled the first time I installed 
it...  It did not drag in any dependencies, even w/o the gtk3 face.  
Should it have?

In the meantime I have to teach meself how to use tool length offsets in 
LinuxCNC, and go make another 150 or so screw cover plugs out of ebony 
which takes two different cutting tools in my cnc milling machine.  But 
I'll be out of ebony before thats done.  More on order.  Its in the $150 
bd/ft price range.

Thanks Petter.

-- <--you don't have a space there, so your sig got copied into my reply.  

I'll nuke it by hand.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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