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I recommend "Running Linux, 5th edition" published by Oreilly.

It's a little dated now, and some things have changed, but it supplies a
great foundation. And its pitched at the point you say you are at.

Maybe you can find a second hand copy on the cheap?



On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 11:04 AM, Simon Quigley <sqawesome99 at>

> Hi,
> There are many online resources for this information. I am assuming that
> you are not completely limited to books, so if I had the money, there are
> the resources I would consider(as well as some that I already do use for
> free).
> I have heard that *Linux Academy* is a nice resource to look at for
> learning Linux. It looks like they offer a lot of great content. Check them
> out here:
> I listen to a very good podcast "network"(for lack of a better word)
> called *Jupiter Broadcasting*. They have a lot of good content to keep
> yourself current with Linux news as well as general tech news.  This is for
> when you have learned some information already, although you can Google
> what you don't know. Here is a link:
> If you feel like putting out the money, there are several *Linux
> certifications* out there that you can get. I think Linux Academy covers
> them. I think there are LPI certifications as well as the CompTIA Linux+.
> *LFS would be too intense for your level.* *I* can't even get through it.
> It would be WAY over your head. **Don't try it unless you want an
> insecure, useless, and overall hard to use Linux system.**
> *TLDP* is a great resource to learn about Linux. Two books would be:
> *Introduction to Linux*(you could just skip the first few chapters, or
> use this to assess what you already know):
> *GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary*:
> The TLDP guides are here:
> The main site is here for very specific documentation on accomplishing
> certain tasks:
> Another great tool is *IRC*. If you are not already there, then you are
> seriously missing out. Here is a link to get you to an IRC client:
> The people there will most likely help you. If not, then message me. My
> nick is tsimonq2.
> IRC is such a useful tool for instant help. If it weren't for IRC, I
> wouldn't be where I am today.
> If you want one on one help, Linux Padawan is awesome. Here is an about
> page:
> If you do /join #linuxpadawan in any IRC client connected to Freenode, and
> inquire there, people will help you. Don't be shy! :)
> Lastly, Google is your friend. If you need anything, it will be there.
> If you need anything, again, I am tsimonq2 on Freenode. Don't be afraid to
> message me if you need help! :)
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> Have a nice day,
> Simon Quigley
> tsimonq2
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