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There are many online resources for this information. I am assuming that
you are not completely limited to books, so if I had the money, there are
the resources I would consider(as well as some that I already do use for

I have heard that *Linux Academy* is a nice resource to look at for
learning Linux. It looks like they offer a lot of great content. Check them
out here:

I listen to a very good podcast "network"(for lack of a better word)
called *Jupiter
Broadcasting*. They have a lot of good content to keep yourself current
with Linux news as well as general tech news.  This is for when you have
learned some information already, although you can Google what you don't
know. Here is a link:

If you feel like putting out the money, there are several *Linux
certifications* out there that you can get. I think Linux Academy covers
them. I think there are LPI certifications as well as the CompTIA Linux+.

*LFS would be too intense for your level.* *I* can't even get through it.
It would be WAY over your head. **Don't try it unless you want an insecure,
useless, and overall hard to use Linux system.**

*TLDP* is a great resource to learn about Linux. Two books would be:
*Introduction to Linux*(you could just skip the first few chapters, or use
this to assess what you already know):
*GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary*:

The TLDP guides are here:
The main site is here for very specific documentation on accomplishing
certain tasks:

Another great tool is *IRC*. If you are not already there, then you are
seriously missing out. Here is a link to get you to an IRC client:
The people there will most likely help you. If not, then message me. My
nick is tsimonq2.
IRC is such a useful tool for instant help. If it weren't for IRC, I
wouldn't be where I am today.

If you want one on one help, Linux Padawan is awesome. Here is an about
If you do /join #linuxpadawan in any IRC client connected to Freenode, and
inquire there, people will help you. Don't be shy! :)

Lastly, Google is your friend. If you need anything, it will be there.

If you need anything, again, I am tsimonq2 on Freenode. Don't be afraid to
message me if you need help! :)

Have a nice day,
Simon Quigley
Contact for the Ubuntu US Wisconsin LoCo Team
Lubuntu Contributor
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