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Mon Nov 23 03:59:01 UTC 2015

> I joined this list for two reasons. The second was for help. Thank you for
> all the help I have gotten. The first was to learn more about Linux and
> Ubuntu. However, I am not near the level you all are that provide the
> answers. I know how to install, update, add programs, remove them.  I do
> not have, what I would consider, a firm grasp on files and directories or
> where programs install to and how to edit config files without what to put
> in it and where. i would love be really good at the terminal, so I could
> know what to put in the terminal to find out how things are working and if
> they are right. I consider myself to be above beginner and just a little
> bit below average. The books I have found either are for a beginner, that
> start out telling how to install, or too far above my level. What books do
> you recommend for someone in my position?
I can recommend you How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know
which I think ideal for your level. It covers almost every aspect of Linux
and gives you a better understanding how are the things really work and
their actual purpose.

Once you are familiar with working with Linux you can go ahead with and
refer books that cover advance Linux topics such as terminals, shell
scripting, threads, X server.etc. Once such book that I can recommend you
is Beginning Linux Programming
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