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Sun Nov 8 16:44:32 UTC 2015

On Sun, 8 Nov 2015 10:26:54 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
>Greetings all;

Hi Gene,

>But thats not the real question I'd like an answer to.  Adobe dropped 
>anything that looks like linux support a couple years ago, so the real 
>question is why are all the package managers still screwing around
>with it?
>We linux users are not that big an audience yet [snip]

but there are millions of phones and tablet kids and so Flash already
isn't the standard anymore. A serious problem is caused by parts of the
Linux community who praise Linux as a Windows replacement. This is the
wrong approach and led to the living dead Flash. I'm guilty of helping
too, when Windows refugees insist in getting a Flash player, I explained
the issue and mentioned Chrome to get back Flash.

>So when do we remove it, and just let the market forces that will
>cause, get it fixed?

A soon as we will have the testicles to do so.

>By leaving it installed, and on linux, usable 30% of the time if you
>want to do the click through's, we are just prolonging the agony of
>flashes death.

I won't call it a life-prolonging treatment, since Flash already is
dead, Flash is a zombie.

FWIW phones and tablets run Android or iOS and AFAIK less than 10% run
Microsoft. Regarding privacy and security iOS already is a PITA, but
Google's Android should be more worse and while iOS has got very good
real-time capabilities, Android hasn't got such capabilities. However,
Microsoft at the moment is unimportant and that's why Flash
automatically can't survive.


OT PS: If you don't take Ethics into account, then charge of an iPad
battery is the big disadvantage compared to a Linux audio production
PC. There are a few other disadvantages, but OTOH there are also
several disadvantages by a Linux PC, an iPad doesn't suffer from.

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