Deploy customized Firefox to new users

John Hupp ubuntu at
Wed Jan 7 23:04:09 UTC 2015

Hello, all.

In Firefox for the initial user on a system, I want to customize it 
(settings, add-ons, etc) and then propagate that setup to any new users 

I was reading, but 
several of the add-ons and links of interest (e.g. 
<> and CCK add-on 
<>) no longer exist.

Anyone know a way?


P.S. Next on my to-do list is a close look at SystemBack, which will 
perhaps handle this chore, but for the moment I was looking at 
application-native methods of doing such things.  For instance, for 
certain purposes I can modify the files installed by 
lubuntu-default-settings.  I have also had a little look at /etc/skel 
and /etc/profile.d, though those two seem to have limited use in *ubuntu.
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