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Karl Auer kauer at
Thu Dec 10 00:46:02 UTC 2015

On Wed, 2015-12-09 at 18:29 -0600, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> On 12/09/2015 05:09 PM, Doug wrote:
> > I have no idea what you mean by "macros." Maybe the screwy stuff that
> > Libre makes you decipher? I don't look for a publishing program, I just
> > want a word processor that I can use with no BS. That's SoftMaker.

This is strange. In the 20-odd years I've been using Linux as my primary
desktop I've never had a major problem[1] with StarOffice, OpenOffice or
LibreOffice, of which LibreOffice is IMHO the best. They've all had
their ideosyncracies, but so do all complex programs - including most
definitely Microsoft Word.

I've never felt I had to deal with "BS" from LibreOffice. The LO macro
language is powerful, but takes some learning.

What is it specifically that turns you off LibreOffice (or on to
SoftMaker)? Specifics are much more helpful than just generally bagging

Regards, K.

[1] Except numbering. Numbering is hell. But to be fair, it's hell in
all word processors I've every used, and I started on WordStar (on CP/M!

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