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Tue Dec 2 00:36:59 UTC 2014

(2014/12/02 3:21), Juan R. de Silva wrote:
> On Mon, 01 Dec 2014 02:50:02 +0900, Thomas Blasejewicz wrote:
>> Good evening I found that there is this software called "fantasdic"
>> (supposed to be a dictionary reader)
>> Thank you Thomas
> I wonder why don't you install 'stardict' from official repository but
> instead are looking around for unknown dictionaries?
> Stardict is one of the best dictionaries available. It is free and not
> only supports your local dictionaries of choice but allows you to search
> any number of specified web sources.
Naturally, I know about Stardict. Which has been discontinued, including 
many of the files/sites etc., in case you did not know.
If this is the "best" there is .. I am really sorry for my "trolling" .. 
but then I have to conclude: there IS no good dictionary for linux.
It is "made in China" -> which usually means "pirated".
They offer(ed) for example something called "Duden" (German stuff), 
which is a commercial product (I have it) for the world at large.
However, the CHINESE product is "free", ONLY for the linux people. This 
seems strange to me.
Not to mention: it omitts the most important information of the last 10 
years: the results induced by a "spelling reform" in Germany.
The commercial version naturally has this information stated very clearly.
And the search results usually looked like the one I take the liberty of 
copying below.
The first one is using GoldenDict + Babylon dictionary,
the other an English-German dictionary published by Duden.
> After you install it, google for stardict dictionaries and you'll find
> countless number of dictionaries practically of any language, which you
> can download for free and use locally with stardict.
> What's to the Linux being "complicate" and "incomprehensible"... Well,
> this is just because you are not familiar with it yet. I used to work
> with people new to Windows helping them out in their learning process.
> And I was amazed how simple task like "click", "double click", "drag-and-
> drop", etc. (not speaking of a program installation or OS installation)
> seemed to them "complicated and incomprehensible".
> So, it's not Linux but you, your quite normal and comprehensible lack of
> knowledge. If you really wish you'll learn and overcome it with time.
> All above is provided you are not simply trolling, considering you cross
> posts over 2 different groups.
Thank you for pointing that out.
Well, I wrote THIS too before: I am actually trying very hard for SEVEN 
YEARS already! and am not getting anywhere.
The time and effort I spent on my VERY LONG and arduous struggle with 
linux - just to set it up ...
amounts by now to at least 50 times I have spend over the last 25 years 
on all my computers and OSs put together.
And in the MS-DOS times I even had to edit the "config.sys" to make 
things work.
Nevertheless I have trouble with about everything in linux.
Through those seven years of struggle, practically NOTHING has been 
working "out of the box" or "easily".
If I am supposed to believe it .. somebody would actually have to SHOW me.
After all, I am the "doubting Thomas".

After all this (to my mind) desperate struggle to make things work, I am 
REGULARLY told, I am trolling or plainly stupid.
That must be it, I guess.
I am simply complaining for no reason at all and because I am too stupid.

copy mentioned above:

GoldenDict + Babylon dictionary -> Stardict is similar
search for:
hɑrt /hɑːt
Herz, Körperorgan das als Blutpumpe fungiert"
English-German dictionary published by Duden (naturally, the real 
dictionary screen looks a lot different, this is just the text):

heart // n. a) (Anat.; also heart-shaped object) Herz, das; he has a 
weak heart (Med.) er hat ein schwaches Herz; know/learn sth. by heart: 
etw. auswendig wissen/lernen;
b) (seat of feeling) at heart: im Grunde seines/ihres Herzens; sb. has 
sth. at heart, sth. is near or close to sb.'s heart: jmdm. liegt etw. am 
Herzen; a matter near or close to sb.'s heart: ein Herzensanliegen; go 
to sb.'s heart: jmdm. ans Herz gehen; in one's heart [of hearts] im 
tiefsten Herzen; from the or one's heart: von Herzen; from the bottom of 
one's heart: aus tiefstem Herzen; with all one's heart [and soul] von 
ganzem Herzen; put one's heart and soul into sth. etw. mit Leib und 
Seele tun; put one's heart into sth. mit ganzem Herzen bei einer Sache 
sein; cry one's heart out sich (Dat.) die Augen ausweinen od. aus dem 
Kopf weinen; eat one's heart out sich vor Gram/Sehnsucht/Trauer usw. 
verzehren; eat your heart out! da kannst du grün vor Neid werden!; set 
one's heart on sth./on doing sth. sein Herz an etw. (Akk.) hängen/daran 
hängen, etw. zu tun; to one's heart's content nach Herzenslust; take 
sth. to heart: sich (Dat.) etw. zu Herzen nehmen; (accept) beherzigen 
<Rat>; take sb. to one's heart: jmdn. in sein od. ins Herz schließen; my 
heart goes out to them ich verspüre großes Mitleid mit ihnen; my heart 
bleeds for him ich habe tiefstes Mitgefühl mit ihm; (iron.) mir blutet 
das Herz; it does my heart good es erfreut mein Herz; somebody after my 
own heart: jemand ganz nach meinem Herzen; have a heart to heart talk 
offen und ehrlich miteinander sprechen; her heart is in the right place 
sie hat das Herz auf dem rechten Fleck; lose one's heart to sb./sth. 
sein Herz an jmdn./etw. verlieren; give one's heart: sein Herz schenken; 
be sick at heart: verzweifelt sein; with a light/heavy heart: 
leichten/schweren Herzens; his heart is not in it er ist nicht mit dem 
Herzen dabei; all the heart could desire alles, was das Herz begehrt; 
bless his/her heart: das liebe Kind!; wear one's heart [up]on one's 
sleeve das Herz auf der Zunge tragen; find it in one's heart to do sth. 
es übers Herz bringen, etw. zu tun; have a heart! hab' Erbarmen!; not 
have the heart to do sth. nicht das Herz haben, etw. zu tun;
c) (seat of courage) take heart: Mut schöpfen (from bei); put new heart 
into sb. jmdm. neuen Mut geben; in good heart: voll Zuversicht; lose 
heart: den Mut verlieren; his heart stood still ihm stand das Herz 
still; my heart was in my boots ich war am Boden zerstört (ugs.); my 
heart sank mein Mut sank;
d) (Cards) Herz, das; see also club 1 d;
e) (centre) (of cabbage) Strunk, der; (of lettuce) Herz, das; (of tree) 
Kernholz, das; the heart of the matter der wahre Kern der Sache; go to 
the heart of a problem zum Kern eines Problems kommen; in the heart of 
the forest/England mitten im Wald/im Herzen Englands. see also break1 1 
h, 2 a; change 1 a; dear 1 a; desire 1 c; gold 1 a; stone 1 a

Duden-Oxford - Großwörterbuch Englisch. 2. Aufl. Mannheim 1999. [CD-ROM].

And you really want to convince me, that this Babylon / Goldendict / 
Stardict ... is "good"???
Would YOU buy a printed dictionary that gives you this kind of information?

Sorry for my trolling.
Probably I should stop asking stupid questions that annoy the community.

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