Is it alright to start installing Ubuntu 14.04 already?

Martín Cigorraga martincigorraga at
Mon Apr 7 00:47:48 UTC 2014

@Martinx: this is something that has me intrigued, I already read on the
server list that the kernel is the same for the server and the desktop
versions of Ubuntu... My n00b question is: isn't supposed that server and
desktop kernels are optimized for their respective roles? Duuhhh :S
@Gilles: LOL!! Excellent point! I will enable it tomorrow and see what
happens (knocking wood now!)
@Liam: Absolutely! :D I spended a month trying to enjoy Gentoo's
flexibility, finally gave up bored to death out of the long compiling times
(specially the KDE SC stack). Good distro to harness the Hadron Collider
power, if you ask me. Funtoo is even nicer :)
@Lucius: had enjoyed Arch since 2007 so I know very well your feelings
about it ;) But nowadays I need to spend more time using my system than
administering it ;) (Words from an Arch lover...). By the way, please check
your last sentence as I think there's a typo there, would you please run
this command? $ sed -i s/vi/emacs/g

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