Is it alright to start installing Ubuntu 14.04 already?

Lucius Rizzo Lucius.Rizzo at Lucius.XxX
Sun Apr 6 20:54:38 UTC 2014

* Liam Proven <lproven at> [2014-04-06 19:12]:
> On 6 April 2014 17:20, Martín Cigorraga <martincigorraga at> wrote:
> > @Liam, @Gilles, *huge* amount of updates? Seems you never used Arch or
> > Gentoo ;-D
> :¬)
> I tried Gentoo. It spent 3 days compiling then the kernel wouldn't
> boot. I reformatted it /fast./
> Not tried Arch yet.

Arch running Linux ck 3.13.9-1 with BFQ enabled by default with btrfs on a SSD
with VirtIO on Disk and Net is truly awesome...then again so is Arch.

Linux-ck is a package available in the AUR and in the unofficial linux-ck repo
that allows users to run a kernel/headers setup patched with Con Kolivas' ck1
patchset, including the Brain Fuck Scheduler (BFS). Many Archers elect to use
this package for the BFS' excellent desktop interactivity and responsiveness
under any load situation. Additionally, the bfs imparts performance gains
beyond interactivity. For example, see: CPU_Schedulers_Compared.pdf.


YMMV. Please do not think you are a linux god because you can use more than
nano to do something and have run some linux variant. Lack of experience does
not a good opinion make, so lets not start a distro flamewar as well.

BTW - vi or nothing :D


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