Is it alright to start installing Ubuntu 14.04 already?

Lucius Rizzo Lucius.Rizzo at Lucius.XxX
Mon Apr 7 02:57:59 UTC 2014

> @Lucius: had enjoyed Arch since 2007 so I know very well your feelings about
> it ;) But nowadays I need to spend more time using my system than
> administering it ;) (Words from an Arch lover...). By the way, please check
> your last sentence as I think there's a typo there, would you please run this
> command? $ sed -i s/vi/emacs/g

Reading your reponse felt like I was reading a twitter thread. Surely you can
answer to all and still keep the threads in order mon ami :P

And tell me how do you end up spending more time in Arch administration? I
swear - to go from a bare bones instance to an optimized LAMP Stack (with AUR
goodness) on fairly dense sites and site requirements takes me 20 mins. pacman
is awesome! pacman -Syu even more so...Linux-ck with BFQ and btrfs is
sweet...And for almost 20+ instances of Arch currently, I have not yet had a
single issue with rolling release. Once I had issues with the ck kernel and
disk VirtIO but it wasn't hard to fix.

On Debian 7/Ubuntu/CentOS this can be anywhere from a few hours to FreeBSD 10 -
which I am currently exclusively using --  I have been migrating for almost the
entire day today. But unlike others who just want things done -- I do like the
thought of having full control. Hence AUR and ports in BSD.

I wouldn't ever describe myself as a zealot for any distro/OS. I use what works
well for me. That being said I had been pretty jaded with the distro/flavours
du jour in Linux.  So when my friend urged -- well almost kicked my ass to give
Arch a try, I reluctantly agreed. He said it was ^that^ good. And for me,
personally having to learn ^another^ command/pkg environemtn to do admin was
too tiresome - I can do complex UNIX admin in *BSD/AIX/Solaris/HP-UX etc. 

Well the change has been surprising. Almost ALL Linux machine since last year
now has been Arch. I guess I really do love it that much. I have also found
myself fixing their sendmail/mutt AUR PKGBUILD in the last few months.

I do find a few things annoying about Arch and they aren't OS related. They
filter their mailing list. All messages are read by the admin and then
released. He actually happened to have rejected mine for the worst and quite
stupid of reasons.  A week spent in that community felt very similar to living
under Theo from OpenBSD. And I guess I am too old to put up or worship any
distro leader - douchebag or not :) And censorship within the OSS is just
stupid to begin with....

So I seem to ignore that portion for now and use Arch as the only linux distro
of choice.  I gave on OpenBSD maybe a decade ago like all others. 


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