Installation of older ubuntu

Pastor JW rev.olson at
Fri Apr 26 18:18:40 UTC 2013

On 04/25/2013 05:21 PM, bryan hamilton wrote:
> I would like to start off by saying that "I love ubuntu" but i'm not a
> fan of the new user interface (ubuntu 12.04).  I see that most other OS
> dev's seem to be going in a similar route in gui design. anyway I've
> recently upgraded to 12.04 (fresh install) and would like to downgrade

What I suspect you want is the old Gnome back which is NOT Ubuntu but 
just a display type like is KDE.  Stay with the 12.04 as it is a LTS 
(Long Term Support) release.  Use "synaptic package manager" and put " 
gnome-session-fallback " without the quotes in the "quick filter" box. 
There should come up twp selections. Mark the both for install.  Then 
put " myunity " without the quotes in the "quick filter" box and mark 
that for install. It will ask for the additional parts it needs so go 
ahead and click the "mark" button and install it all.  You should now 
have classic back as an option at your sign in page!  Hope that helps!

73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n>< PDGA# 35276

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