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Sat Apr 27 16:38:33 UTC 2013

On 26 April 2013 19:18, Pastor JW <rev.olson at> wrote:
> What I suspect you want is the old Gnome back which is NOT Ubuntu but just a
> display type like is KDE.  Stay with the 12.04 as it is a LTS (Long Term
> Support) release.  Use "synaptic package manager" and put "
> gnome-session-fallback " without the quotes in the "quick filter" box. There
> should come up twp selections. Mark the both for install.  Then put "
> myunity " without the quotes in the "quick filter" box and mark that for
> install. It will ask for the additional parts it needs so go ahead and click
> the "mark" button and install it all.  You should now have classic back as
> an option at your sign in page!  Hope that helps!

You don't need MyUnity for GNOME Fallback.

However, I do not recommend GNOME Fallback, for 2 reasons.

[1] It's dead code. It has already been removed from the current
version of GNOME 3, v3.8. Ubuntu are shipping an old version, 3.6.

[2] It does work but it is much much less customisable than actual
GNOME 2, and it won't run GNOME 2 panel applets & things, because it's
writting using Gtk3, like the rest of GNOME 3, whereas GNOME 2 is

However, you /can/ run GNOME 2 applets under Xfce, as used in Ubuntu.

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