Installation of older ubuntu

Nils Kassube kassube at
Fri Apr 26 04:49:56 UTC 2013

bryan hamilton wrote:
> I would like to start off by saying that "I love ubuntu" but i'm not a
> fan of the new user interface (ubuntu 12.04).  I see that most other
> OS dev's seem to be going in a similar route in gui design. anyway
> I've recently upgraded to 12.04 (fresh install) and would like to
> downgrade
> my question is,
> if i was to 'downgrade' to say any older and now unsupported 'LT' will
> i be able to download applications and such forever-ever-ness ?
> meaning are the repo's staying online/accessible via apt?  and if so,
> can i get the repo links  ?
> I had planned on downgrading to 10.04.

The server version of 10.04 should still be supported for another two 
years, so the repos will be the same for that time. After the server 
version reaches EOL, you can still download applications if you change 
the server from * to in 
"/etc/apt/sources.list". That server keeps all the old unsupported 
Ubuntu versions.


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