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Amichai Rotman amichai at
Wed Apr 3 07:03:50 UTC 2013

Were you able to fix the freeze eventually?

Usually a freeze like that occurs due to a hardware problem with the
specific computer. I'd check the BIOS settings, especially overclocking
(a.k.a - M.I.T) and SATA mode (AHCI / IDE).

I work at a computer repair lab. I have used Ubuntu Live {CD/USB} countless
times to diagnose faulty hardware.

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On Wed, Apr 3, 2013 at 9:12 AM, Felix Miata <mrmazda at> wrote:

> On 2013-04-03 15:55 (GMT+1100) Basil Chupin composed:
>  Felix Miata wrote:
>  The key characteristic of HTTP installation is only files to
>>> initialize installation and files to actually be installed ever get
>>> downloaded. If you are only ever going to install a particular release
>>> once, it's a big bandwidth saver.
>  I see what you are getting at but I have always taken the position that
>> I want to have a hard copy of the OS I am going to install so that I
>> don't have to rely of the speed of the broadband when I am installing.
>> If it takes some hours to download the CD or the DVD then that's fine
>> because I always use a download protocol which will pick up from where a
>> download failed. But I am not prepared to agonise over how to continue
>> from a failed installation when it is half-way thru an installation such
>> as the one you are suggesting.
> Those of us with reliable broadband only rarely have breakdowns on account
> of local network conditions. In cases where the far end is a problem, I
> either abort to begin again after some hours, or leave the machine sit
> stalled as long as necessary for stability to return, as I rarely am
> installing to a machine that needs to be running 24/7. Most of my installs
> are to machines used primarily for such testing.
> For those of us who participate in development, CDs and DVDs quickly
> become obsolete, as the development mirrors are frequently getting updated
> with new packages.
>  I also like to have the hard copy because I keep the CD/DVD for future
>> reference,
> My reference is the mirror system, which includes updates, and to me
> easier to access than any particular DVD among the thousands around here.
>  and also use it to install the OS on my wife's computer - or
>> even send a copy to friends interstate or overseas (who happen to be
>> tied down with dial-up access to the 'net).
> Such is the reason for my language "if you are only ever..."
> In any event, we using FOSS have multiple installation options to choose
> from, a luxury not available to users of M$-ware or Malus-ware. You get to
> choose what works best for you, and I get to choose what works best for me!
> :-D
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