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On 2013-04-03 15:55 (GMT+1100) Basil Chupin composed:

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> The key characteristic of HTTP installation is only files to
>> initialize installation and files to actually be installed ever get
>> downloaded. If you are only ever going to install a particular release
>> once, it's a big bandwidth saver.

> I see what you are getting at but I have always taken the position that
> I want to have a hard copy of the OS I am going to install so that I
> don't have to rely of the speed of the broadband when I am installing.
> If it takes some hours to download the CD or the DVD then that's fine
> because I always use a download protocol which will pick up from where a
> download failed. But I am not prepared to agonise over how to continue
> from a failed installation when it is half-way thru an installation such
> as the one you are suggesting.

Those of us with reliable broadband only rarely have breakdowns on account of 
local network conditions. In cases where the far end is a problem, I either 
abort to begin again after some hours, or leave the machine sit stalled as 
long as necessary for stability to return, as I rarely am installing to a 
machine that needs to be running 24/7. Most of my installs are to machines 
used primarily for such testing.

For those of us who participate in development, CDs and DVDs quickly become 
obsolete, as the development mirrors are frequently getting updated with new 

> I also like to have the hard copy because I keep the CD/DVD for future
> reference,

My reference is the mirror system, which includes updates, and to me easier 
to access than any particular DVD among the thousands around here.

> and also use it to install the OS on my wife's computer - or
> even send a copy to friends interstate or overseas (who happen to be
> tied down with dial-up access to the 'net).

Such is the reason for my language "if you are only ever..."

In any event, we using FOSS have multiple installation options to choose 
from, a luxury not available to users of M$-ware or Malus-ware. You get to 
choose what works best for you, and I get to choose what works best for me! :-D
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