VLC and Movie Player on Lubuntu

Colin Law clanlaw at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 19 14:25:48 UTC 2012

Running Lubuntu 12.04 which was installed as standard ubuntu then
installing lubuntu-desktop.
When I plug in a DVD it asks me which app to use.  If I select VLC
(which I had installed before lubuntu-desktop was installed) then it
opens vlc but does not start playing the DVD.  If I then press play it
opens a file dialog for me to select what to play.  I then have to
select the Disc tab and then the DVD is shown in the the disc device
field and I can then play it.
If, instead, in a terminal I run
vlc /dev/dvd
then it opens and plays ok, so it appears the device is not being
passed to vlc when it auto runs on inserting a DVD.

I see the same effect if I tell it to use movie player when I insert the dvd.

Logging on with Unity it all works ok.

Are others seeing the same effect with Lubuntu?  If not then I suppose
it could be something not correctly setup when adding lubuntu-desktop.

Any suggestions?


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