LibreOffice with Unity buggy?

David Fletcher dave at
Mon Sep 17 11:46:38 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-09-03 at 15:09 +0100, David Fletcher wrote:

> > 
> > > Important question:-
> > > If I were to turn off this computer, replace the nvidia card with an ATI
> > > card, then switch the computer back on, would it continue to operate? My
> > > guess is that it would, but I just want a little reassurance from the
> > > list.
> > 
> > Should be fine.
> In that case I might just spend 20 quid and get an ATI card instead.
> Would have done it before installing 12.04 if I'd known, only the one I
> have always worked perfectly with Hardy and Maverick. Guess it'll then
> be fun and games next time I plug in the XP hard drive that I very
> occasionally need to use.

Which is exactly what I just did. It's the cheapest ASUS manufactured
AMD chipped board from one of the on-line retailers.

jockey-gtk offered two versions of the ATI driver. The
post-release-updates driver failed to install but the other one went in
just fine. Rebooted the computer and everything now works smoothly,
about 10 times quicker than before by my reckoning.

I tried updating a spreadsheet with the same Libre Office while chrome
was open. Everything was fast, stable and correct looking. I hope it
continues to be the case, but I have to say that I now feel much more
confident in this computer.

Like I saw somebody else on here state, I'm never again going to
purchase the products of a certain graphics card company.

Not tried swapping to the XP HDD yet, but that's not really a topic for
this list I suppose.


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