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Kenny Martsolf kennymartsolf at
Thu Mar 15 08:49:37 UTC 2012

> Alexander Skwar (ML) ✆ alexanders.mailinglists+nospam at
> That's then a feature of your mail client. If you don't like this,
> maybe you should complain where it makes sense? Ie. complain to
> the maker of the software?

I don't have a mail client.  I use gmail as webmail only.  I really see no
need for a mail client.  My phone receives email, and when I am using my
computer, my browser functions with tabs.  I can actually pin gmail as a
tab.  It has an option to sort by conversation.  If you aren't aware, which
I think you might not be, gmail is one of the most popular free mail
clients available, and it breaks up the threads when you change the subject
line. You insist that this is acceptable, but only you and one other person
are fighting this issue.  Meanwhile, several others have told you it is
wrong.  Including someone with Canonical, who told you to knock it off.  I
don't know what your problem is.  Maybe you are retarded, and cannot
understand the rules put forth for this mailing list.  I don't respond
here, because I am new to linux, and especially Ubuntu.  I am a lurker
looking to learn.  Your bulls*&t is becoming tiring.  I have a good idea
for you.  You keep doing what you are doing, and when new folks like myself
get confused because jackasses like you break up threads, and folks like
myself decide that we can't learn Ubuntu in such a confusing environment,
and we just go back to windows... You can be the one to blame it.  Sound
fair, asshole?
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