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Thu Mar 15 09:16:59 UTC 2012


On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 09:49, Kenny Martsolf <kennymartsolf at> wrote:
>> Alexander Skwar (ML) ✆ alexanders.mailinglists+nospam at
>> That's then a feature of your mail client. If you don't like this,
>> maybe you should complain where it makes sense? Ie. complain to
>> the maker of the software?
> I don't have a mail client.  I use gmail as webmail only.  I really see no
> need for a mail client.

So do I, most of the time. I'm, of course, aware of the short comings
of my tools and also of the advantages.

>  My phone receives email, and when I am using my
> computer, my browser functions with tabs.  I can actually pin gmail as a
> tab.  It has an option to sort by conversation.  If you aren't aware, which
> I think you might not be, gmail is one of the most popular free mail clients
> available, and it breaks up the threads when you change the subject line.

Of course I am aware. But that is still a long known short coming
of this email client. And, just like Liam (I think) said - nobody should
give rats about how an email looks in one particular client.

> You insist that this is acceptable,

I don't. I insist that this is following standards laid out *LONG*
ago. If your mail client doesn't behave, then that's quite a pity.

> but only you and one other person are
> fighting this issue.

Actually, I see it the other way around. Only Liam, Basil
and Dave are fighting. Heck, they even started this off-topic
flame sub-thread!

>  Meanwhile, several others have told you it is wrong.

Other way around as well.

> Including someone with Canonical, who told you to knock it off.  I don't

Wrong. Canonical didn't tell _me_ anything.

> know what your problem is.

Pedantics. Pedantics, insisting on wrong points of view which
conflict with old time standards.

> Maybe you are retarded, and cannot understand
> the rules put forth for this mailing list.

Yeah, so much for the etiquette... Offending people really WILL
bring accross your point quite well.

>  I don't respond here, because I
> am new to linux, and especially Ubuntu.  I am a lurker looking to learn.
> Your bulls*&t is becoming tiring.  I have a good idea for you.  You keep
> doing what you are doing, and when new folks like myself get confused
> because jackasses like you break up threads,

I don't break up threads. Neither did MR. The thread is still intact,
just have a look at the screenshot I posted →

> and folks like myself decide
> that we can't learn Ubuntu in such a confusing environment, and we just go
> back to windows... You can be the one to blame it.

Nope. Not me. Blame it on Liam. Blame it on Google. Or, rather,
blame it on you for not using tools that are up to the task.

> Sound fair, asshole?

Yeah, it does. Sounds fair. That's how it quite often ends, when
pedantics come upon us and try to force down rules, which are
against all the "old-time-rules". On top of that, people to stubborn
to accept the fact that the tools of their choice aren't so well suited.
Boom - there's the flame thread…


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