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Thu Mar 15 07:24:21 UTC 2012

Am 15.03.2012 08:11, schrieb Kenny Martsolf:
>     Alexander Skwar (ML) ✆ alexanders.mailinglists+nospam at
>     <mailto:alexanders.mailinglists%2Bnospam at>
>     Depends on what you want.
> Wow!  This is still going on.  At least you haven't changed the subject
> line for a while

In this thread, I haven't changed the subject line at all.

> and added more broken threads to my email.  Maybe if we

That's then a feature of your mail client. If you don't like this,
maybe you should complain where it makes sense? Ie. complain to
the maker of the software?

> list to learn more about Ubuntu.  Instead I am learning about a petulant
> guy that is absolutely sure he is right, all the while occupying at

Yeah, Basil and Dave and the likes are quite annoying. I agree.

> least 15 different entries of my inbox on a subject that has absolutely
> nothing to do with the purpose of the mailing list.

True. And all that, thanks to some pedantic, who wanted to let go of
some steam, without realising he's completely wrong…

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