ubuntu script failure

Edward avanti edward.avanti at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 23:21:54 UTC 2012

On 1/4/12, J <dreadpiratejeff at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 04:23, Edward avanti <edward.avanti at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Christ all fucking mighty!
>> why cant these dickhead tossers leave things alone, they have to be
>> fucking
>> usellessly different
>> ...
>> Thanks for the info
>> had enough of the fuckbuntu quirks, they are worse than microsoft, this
>> and
>> the other screwups these lamers have done is enough, opensuse is going on
>> that boxen shortly
> Ummm... the switch to Dash was done, IIRC, in 2006 in Ubuntu 6.10...
> so over 5 years ago now... not like it just happened.
> Granted, I also ran into issues when I wrote a BASH script and
> expected it would work with sh (a bad programming assumption on my
> part), but I didn't then set about cursing people today for a decision
> that was made 5 years ago.  I just fixed the bug in my script and got
> on with life...
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It's not just that, it's sluggish performance, wireless  that did not
work OOTB, grpahics settings were horrid, and must have thought I was
80% legally blind from font size, try to remove one old program so I
can install source and use current with all its nice advantages and
ubuntu wanted to remove half the system! apt is very brain dead. and
dump bind and use a cuyrrent version is pure nightmare, since they
have broken it into a million pieces, and trying to remove some of
those pieces the systme also wanted to remove the other half of my
system.\, there are also  about a dozen more quirks with it but I'll
be labelled a troll or whiner if I go on so I wont, afterall the list
is supposed to be only positive light, how dare anyone discuss

Installed opensuse two days ago now, and WOW the difference.
wireless deteced and configured OOTB,
perfect graphics resulution and very sane fonts.
and although it too had a older (but not as ancient as fuckbuntu
version) of program X, allowed me to remove it with no dramas, RPM is
far far FAR superior in this respect. Oh and bind was also removed
without me going grey too.

Moving to opensuse, was the best thing I ever did, in fact it
impressed a long time debian friend of mine who yesterday wipped
squeeze for it.

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