[Resolved] Re: [12.04] Nautilus Samba workgroup/domain lowercase

NoOp glgxg at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 28 19:22:28 UTC 2012

On 12/26/2012 08:47 PM, NoOp wrote:
> Ran into a new (to me) issue connecting to a file share on a Windows 7
> machine today. I couldn't connect to the machine via Nautilus; tried
> existing (Win7) account, domain & password, tried connecting using
> another account, domain & password, checked & double checked the share
> folder, check my /etc/samba/smb.cnf, started restarted smbd & nmbd,
> etc., etc.  I tried just about everything that I could think of... no
> luck. Finally, I changed the workgroup/domain to all uppercase & it
> connected!
> The issue is that the Win7 machine requires that the workgroup/domain
> name be in uppercase, Ubuntu's Samba login prompt *always* prompts in
> lowercase. Example:
> Nautilus|Go|Network|Windows Network|MSHOME (workgroup/domain)|<share
> machine>|<share>
> you now get prompted for:
> Username: <autofills with you ubuntu username - lowercase>
> Domain: mshome <autofills with the workgroup/domain name you've set up -
> lowercase>
> Password: <blank>
> Even if the /etc/samba/smb.conf workgroup parameter is set to uppercase:
> 'workgroup = MSHOME' the
> Nautilus 'Domain:' *always* autofills lowercase 'mshome'. This causes
> the Win7 share authentication to fail. Note: the workgroup/domain on
> Win7 is uppercase and (as far as I know) cannot be changed to lowercase.
> If I overwrite the 'Domain: mshome' with 'Domain: MSHOME' the login
> connection works perfectly.
> Anyone run across this?
> Anyone know where the Nautilus Samba prompt code originates from?

Found it.

dconf editor:
  workgroup: reenter w/caps (mshome to MSHOME)

Amazing how easy it is to change simple things in the 'new & improved'

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