Wireless Lan Broadband Router not working?

jimkvg at cia.com jimkvg at cia.com
Sat Aug 25 02:53:14 UTC 2012

Thank you Patrick Asselman,
     When I decided to try my MacBook that I had not been using for a  
long while and opened its browser, sure enough it didn't open up.  I  
resorted to contacting for a Technical support.  On the box I had to  
use magnifier glass to read a phone number.  Then I received the  
instruction as following.

   - Turn the cable modem off (first)
   - Turn the router off
   - Leave them off for 2 minutes**
   - Turn the cable modem on (first)
   - Wait until you get a solid cable light on the cable modem (2 minutes)
   - Turn the router on
   - Wait 2 minutes
   - Turn computer on
** If you have a Motorola (Surf Board) modem, leave off for at least 5  
minutes.   (same as mine)

    Bingo!  The router worked!  That got me wondering why they didn't  
include the instruction above in the guide.  Yes, of course, the  
problem had nothing to do with the Ubuntu OS.   Now I am happy.  Thank  
you.  Jim

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On 2012-08-17 04:17, jimkvg at cia.com wrote:

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According to the 'Quick Start Guide' that it does not require any
software/driver, I assumed that Wireless Lan Broadban Router would be
detected and be set up automatically in my Ubuntu 12.04 AMD 64, but
didn't.? The little 'internet connection' icon on the top right side
bar indicated that it was on ((two arrows up & down) = Wired
connection).? When I clicked Firefox Web Browser and then Chrome
Brower, windows popped up, "Cannot find server."? I recalled it
ok in the older version of Ubuntu, I think 9.10 something, but not
now.? What happened?? Because I just purchased a wifi printer, I need
the wifi router to work.? Please help me solve the problem?? Thank
you.? Jim

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Nothing is ever fully automatic in computerland, unfortunately ;-)

Your broadband router does not have anything to do with Ubuntu. Once
you have the router installed and configured correctly, your Ubuntu will
work fine with it, without any need for software or driver installation.

The trick is that you need to have it configured correctly. Usually
those things have a web interface to configure them. The web interface
is of course not accessible via WiFi as long as it isnt yet correctly
configured, so you need to attach a cable for the configuring bit. Your
router manual should point out what to do for the configuration.

If things are still not working for you, please give a detailed
description of what you tried so far, and maybe a brand and type of the
router would also help.

Best regards,
Patrick Asselman

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