gnome-applet-volume-control is a huge usability regression

Liam Proven lproven at
Sun Aug 19 23:42:32 UTC 2012

On 20 August 2012 00:27, Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
> On Sunday 19 August 2012 19:10:54 Liam Proven did opine:
>> On 19 August 2012 19:07, Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
>> > On Sunday 19 August 2012 14:00:26 Liam Proven did opine:
>> >> On 19 August 2012 18:27, Gene Heskett <gheskett at> wrote:
>> >> > Have I the only 10-04.4 LTS system on the planet that does this?
>> >>
>> >> Yes, I suspect you are.
>> >>
>> >> Is this, once again, your machine running the ancient kernel with the
>> >> realtime patch?
>> >
>> > Yes, 2.6.32-122-rtai
>> >
>> > I should add that I have this same install on 2 of the D525MW
>> > motherboards, and have not observed this alternate user on reboot
>> > thing behaviour on them, although they don't run kmail either.
>> >
>> > I also have it installed on my laptop, an elderly HP with a single
>> > core 64 bit turion brain, which I occasionally use on the road for
>> > email & browsing, but its been 2-3 months since it was booted &
>> > likely numerous updates behind.
>> I've said this before, but my suggestion is:
>> By all means, keep the RT kernel on your milling-machine-control box,
>> but on the others, that don't need to be R/T hard, then please,
>> please, upgrade them to the linux-generic-lts-backport-oneiric kernel
>> and then do an apt-get dist-upgrade on them. I'm sure of your problems
>> will just go away if you do.
>> You'll still be running the same OS on all the machines.
> Except that I won't be able to test gcode, and machine configurations on a
> real linuxcnc, very useful before I export a feature or gcode to the
> machines that will carve something besides virtual air.
> For those features that do not require feedback from the machine, it allows
> me to sit in a comfy office rocker and concentrate on the code, instead of
> my aching back or dry hip sockets.
> You see, LinuxCNC, when driving a stepper motor driven machine, only has
> one view of the machine, the commands it told it to are assumed to have
> been performed, there is no feedback to verify that the motor actually
> moved.  So the machine itself is only needed if your actually want to carve
> steel, meaning I can exercise gcode for preview purposes all I want, in sit
> down comfort.  That is worth at least a case of bottled beer to me.  That,
> FWIW, would last me for about 2 weeks.  :)

Fine. Then dual-boot or run a VM. VirtualBox is free.

But to run a kernel like that for everyday production use is just
/asking/ for trouble - and you are getting trouble.

So stop messing about!

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