Wireless Lan Broadband Router not working?

jimkvg at cia.com jimkvg at cia.com
Fri Aug 17 02:17:50 UTC 2012

According to the 'Quick Start Guide' that it does not require any
software/driver, I assumed that Wireless Lan Broadban Router would be
detected and be set up automatically in my Ubuntu 12.04 AMD 64, but it
didn't.  The little 'internet connection' icon on the top right side
bar indicated that it was on ((two arrows up & down) = Wired
connection).  When I clicked Firefox Web Browser and then Chrome
Brower, windows popped up, "Cannot find server."  I recalled it worked
ok in the older version of Ubuntu, I think 9.10 something, but not
now.  What happened?  Because I just purchased a wifi printer, I need
the wifi router to work.  Please help me solve the problem?  Thank
you.  Jim

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