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GaryT taig at
Sun Aug 5 16:36:15 UTC 2012

Basil Chupin wrote

>>> On 19/07/12 00:08, GaryT wrote:
>> 2008 and yes, time goes fast, and yes, I don't come inside very often
>> these days, but from v2.0 to v13.0 in just 4 years is incredible.

> The numbering system of both Thunderbird and Firefox is purely a
> marketing ploy to satisfy those who consider that a larger version
> number is so much better and at "the bleeding edge". It is the same
> thing as "keeping up with the Jones': some other mail client or browser
> comes out with a high version number therefore TB and FF must also give
> their next upgrade as high a number or higher and this keeps the punters
> interested in using TB and/or FF :-) . If, say, Chrome, started
> numbering from 100 next week I will bet that the next FF version will be
> 101.0 :-) .
> [.........]
> BC

Thanks Basil,

There are many things about this world we live in today that I don't
understand.  Follow, yes!  Understand? No.


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