Nvidia Driver naming: confused

R Kimber richardkimber at btinternet.com
Sat Apr 7 18:13:13 UTC 2012

On Thu, 05 Apr 2012 19:22:35 -0400
Ric Moore wrote:

> That is what I think the OP was getting at, what is the difference 
> between the similar looking proprietary drivers? Ric

It really ought to give the actual version numbers.

Also, when you install a new driver downloaded from, say, 
it really ought to sort out conformity with the kernel module.  I get
warnings (though it seems to work OK):

NVRM: API mismatch: the client has the version 295.33, but
 this kernel module has the version 295.20.  Please make sure that this
kernel module and all NVIDIA driver components
have the same version.

There ought to be a simple way of ensuring conformity.

- Richard.
Richard Kimber
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