Nvidia Driver naming: confused

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 23:22:35 UTC 2012

On 04/05/2012 12:30 PM, Avi Greenbury wrote:
> Leo Noordhuizen wrote:
>> I am running UBUNTU 11.10 with a Nvidia based graphics card.
>> Over the past time (years ?) I have seen discussions about the nv and
>> 'nouveau' drivers.
> There are three drivers available for NVidia cards:

The OP is referring to the two or three choices he sees when he cranks 
up jockey. They all relate to the nVidia driver. I see three as well. 
When firefox started to look wonky, with blue fleshtones in videos and 
smeared text, I tried the next one, then the next one, with a reboot 
inbetween. I don't understand the difference in the three, but all three 
are version 173.

That is what I think the OP was getting at, what is the difference 
between the similar looking proprietary drivers? Ric

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