Installing multiple window manager

Avi Greenbury lists at
Mon Apr 2 14:23:21 UTC 2012

Ric Moore wrote:

> Wow, in the past I installed KDE just as you mentioned. But, at some 
> point in the process it asked if I wanted to use KDM, which you would 
> have to reply "Yes" to in order for KDE to work, as opposed to GDM
> for gnome. But, I think there is a package for KDE/Gnome
> interoperable capability there somewhere. I don't use KDE now as XFCE
> does all I want it to do, without the glitz of CPU consuming daemons
> that you can't remove. I've never looked back. Ric

XDM, KDM and GDM are each capable of letting you log in to Gnome, KDE,
XFCE, Openbox or whatever you pick.

Most of the reason they come with their own is because in order to have
a complete desktop environment you need a display manager, not because
there's anything peculiar about KDE's requirements for a display
manager that Gnome's or X's can't provide.


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