Installing multiple window manager

Pierre Girard pierre.girard at
Mon Apr 2 14:13:45 UTC 2012

Le 2012-03-30 17:02, Parko a écrit :
> I'd be marking kde-plasma-desktop, kde-full and kubuntu-desktop for
> complete removal before installing kubuntu-desktop only. I'd also be
> looking at renaming your existing ~.kde to ~.kde.old. Log out for this to
> take effect.

I install from scratch everytime I try something. So I install default 
ubuntu-desktop, log in with local account, install kubuntu-desktop (or 
one of the other things I tried), reboot and try to log in with local 
account. If it fails, I try to look around and find info in logs, reboot 
and reinstall from scratch and try something else.

> And also make sure you have the Kubuntu PPA set up correctly.

I don't know what that is.

I know that when I install kde it asks me if I want lightdm (default) or 
kde. I tried both and neither works. I think lightdm is used for unity, 
I don't want to change that, I just want to provide kde as an option to 
our users.

> I've quite happily run KDE for over a decade and use Windowmaker as an
> alternative when I don't feel like mucking around with eye candy.
We were running kde just fine on the same machine with opensuse. On 
ubuntu, gnome and unity work well too, I haven't tried xubuntu or 
lubuntu yet.

I'll try to find a machine with a different video card.

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