[ADMIN] Additional moderator(s) sought for ubuntu-users list - clarifications

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Wed Sep 28 15:14:23 UTC 2011

On 28 September 2011 15:39, Cybe R. Wizard <cyber_wizard at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Really?  That's very misleading and possibly intentionally.  What about
> this from Samuel Thurston (full backtrack available from the Sounder
> archives):


Right, this comes up over and over. I did not deliberately mislead
Samuel. I didn't deliberate move the meeting to screw the sounder guys
over. I give incorrect dates deliberately at any time. I screwed up
the wiki page and corrected it as soon as I knew and sent an
announcement out immediately. Samuel asked _if_ the item is bumped to
21:00 would it be discussed at the later meeting. _NOBODY_ actually
requested that the meeting be moved.

Here's what actually happened.

Note that the CC meetings will now be regularly at:

21:00 UTC, 1st Tuesday of the month
11:00 UTC, 3rd Tuesday of the month

Sequence of events.

6th April 18:18

I edit CommunityCouncilAgenda page to update the date of next meeting
from 5th April to 18th April at 21:00.

Note: This is incorrect because 18th is a Monday, and the CC meets on Tuesday.


6th April 18:19

I edit CommunityCouncilAgenda to correct the date of the next meeting
from 18th April to 17th April

Note: This is also incorrect.


7th April 20:56

I edit CommunityCouncilAgenda to add an agenda item for dissussing the
shutdown of sounder


8th April 09:17

I mail the list to say I've added the agenda item and would like to
discuss at the next CC meeting


8th April 23:35

I edit CommunityCouncilAgenda and again correct the date to 19th April
because it's wrong, we only meet on Tuesdays.


8th April 23:37

I mail the list to alert them that it's the 19th April at 11:00


8th April 23:47

I mail the list to offer an alternative of the 21:00 meeting which
would happen two weeks later.


11th April 21:26

Samuel Thurston mails the list asking "if the item is indeed bumped to
21:00 UTC, then it will be discussed
at the meeting May 3 instead of April 19.. is this correct?"


11th April 21:34

I reply "yes that's right" to the direct question from Samuel.


_Nobody_ bumped the item. Nobody discussed bumping it any further that
I can see on the list.

19th April 11:00 UTC (logs in BST [UTC+1])

Ubuntu Community Council Meeting starts. Attendees from the CC are
Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical), Daniel Holbach (Canonical), Mark
Basinger (Community), Alan Pope (Community).
I point out at 12:18 and 12:19 that we discuss this at both meetings
Mark clearly points out that this is not required and that our
decision can be "challenged and reviewed by email".
At 12:24 Daniel starts a vote about shutting down sounder. One
erroneous voter aside, all four members of the CC present vote in


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