[ADMIN] Additional moderator(s) sought for ubuntu-users list - clarifications

Amedee Van Gasse amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Wed Sep 28 15:20:37 UTC 2011

On Wed, September 28, 2011 17:14, Alan Pope wrote:
> On 28 September 2011 15:39, Cybe R. Wizard <cyber_wizard at mindspring.com>
> wrote:
>> Really?  That's very misleading and possibly intentionally.  What about
>> this from Samuel Thurston (full backtrack available from the Sounder
>> archives):
> <snip>
> Right, this comes up over and over. I did not deliberately mislead
> Samuel. I didn't deliberate move the meeting to screw the sounder guys
> over. I give incorrect dates deliberately at any time. I screwed up
> the wiki page and corrected it as soon as I knew and sent an
> announcement out immediately. Samuel asked _if_ the item is bumped to
> 21:00 would it be discussed at the later meeting. _NOBODY_ actually
> requested that the meeting be moved.
> Here's what actually happened.

Thanks Al.

Could you also reconstruct the timeline for the second meeting, to prove
or disprove that NoOp and myself were the only two persons who bothered? I
feel that NoOp and myself deserve a bit more respect. I feel that some
people are misrepresenting the facts. I was there, they weren't.


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