New motherboard Biostar A780L3L CD-ROM DRIVE Connection???

Larry Shields larryesu at
Sat Sep 24 19:50:46 UTC 2011

On 09/24/2011 01:30 PM, compdoc wrote:
>> Guess I am out of luck on using it the way I had it prior...
> Yes, computer equipment evolves rapidly. You're lucky to even have a floppy
> controller on that board - many new motherboards do not have them now.
> Because hard drives can fail as time goes by, and because IDE can be slow,
> you're better off replacing the IDE drives with faster SATA drives.
> Many SATA drives are energy efficient so use less power. IDE cables are bad
> for air flow within the case.
> I'm sure it won't be long before the IDE connector is gone from future
> motherboards...
*Well I have to agree, you buy a new computer and in a very short period 
of time it is outdated by something new...
My EIDE Hard drives are in healthy condition right now, so I plan on 
using then until I need to buy a new one, also I do have a 500 gb SATA 
drive, so when I bought that I had learned that they came out with this 
new type of drive, and like it very much...

I called a tech fellow at tigerdirect and told him about my problem of 
not having but only one IDE Slot, guess what they are sending me a *
*Bridge Board - SATA to IDE for FREE!!!, so as soon as it arrives, I 
then can hook up my CD & DVD players...

Yes IDE connector will be gone in a short time, it will all be USB and 
SATA connections...

Thanks for the reply Larry


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