Jim Byrnes jf_byrnes at
Sun Sep 18 21:33:11 UTC 2011

On 09/18/2011 01:37 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 09/18/2011 08:25 AM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
>> On 09/18/2011 09:12 AM, Jeff G. wrote:
> ...
>>> close Tbird and go to your profile folder. sub-folder News holds several
>>> .msf files - delete them /and/ the file named panacea.dat in the next
>>> level up. They will be recreated by Tbird.
>>> Restart Tbird - you may have lost some settings so reset them.
>> Ok, doing this plus dropping down one more sub folder to
>> and deleting the .msf file worked briefly. After Tbird downloaded all
>> the 240,000 plus headers it displayed both the read and unread messages.
>> But when I switched to another newsgroup and then back Tbird darkened on
>> the screen and became unresponsive.  A eventually a dialog popped up
>> saying a script was misbehaving and did I want to cancel it. I cancelled
>> it and all the unread messages disappeared again.
>> I want to thank you and sktsee for pointing me in the right direction.
>> Now I know how to display them I can work on the other problem.
> ...
> I switched to TB 6.0.2 to post this via (I generally only use
> SeaMonkey).
> Whenever you first open Thunderbird TB will check for new headers. That
> can cause issues if you've subscribed to a lot of newsgroups with a
> large amount of headers (like this one with over 240K). Here is
> something that may help:
> In Thunderbird, go to Tools ->  Options ->  Advanced ->  General.
> Click on Config Editor. in the search box, enter:
> news.update_unread_on_expand
> Double-click that to set to false.
> news.update_unread_on_expand;false
> When set to false, TB will only update unread counts when you select the
> newsgroup. You will most likely still notice a greyed screen when to
> switch away from the newsgroup and then back, but this may help with the
> misbehaving script issue. Note: you'll need to click on 'Get Mail' to
> update the headers while in the newsgroup every now and then to fetch
> new headers.

Yes I still see the gray screen.  I'll address the misbehaving script 
issue in a reply to your other message.

> One other note: with you don't need to use the 'Reply to List'
> button. That actually sends a reply to both 'gmane.linux.ubuntu.user'
> and ubuntu-users at Instead, right-click on the bar that
> shows ''Reply to List' and select 'Customize'. Then drag the 'Reply'
> button to the bar. Now when you reply to the list via, you
> only need to click on the 'Reply' button and the response will only go
> to gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.

Does this mean you are seeing my messages twice? I'm not here. I don't 
have a Reply to List button.  All I have is reply - forward - archive. 
However, in addition to the from & subject lines I have to: 
ubuntu-users at and newsgroups: gmane.linux.ubuntu.user 
lines. Is that normal or is that the problem?

Regards,  Jim

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