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Sun Sep 18 18:37:13 UTC 2011

On 09/18/2011 08:25 AM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> On 09/18/2011 09:12 AM, Jeff G. wrote:
>> close Tbird and go to your profile folder. sub-folder News holds several
>> .msf files - delete them /and/ the file named panacea.dat in the next
>> level up. They will be recreated by Tbird.
>> Restart Tbird - you may have lost some settings so reset them.
> Ok, doing this plus dropping down one more sub folder to 
> and deleting the .msf file worked briefly. After Tbird downloaded all 
> the 240,000 plus headers it displayed both the read and unread messages. 
> But when I switched to another newsgroup and then back Tbird darkened on 
> the screen and became unresponsive.  A eventually a dialog popped up 
> saying a script was misbehaving and did I want to cancel it. I cancelled 
> it and all the unread messages disappeared again.
> I want to thank you and sktsee for pointing me in the right direction. 
> Now I know how to display them I can work on the other problem.

I switched to TB 6.0.2 to post this via (I generally only use

Whenever you first open Thunderbird TB will check for new headers. That
can cause issues if you've subscribed to a lot of newsgroups with a
large amount of headers (like this one with over 240K). Here is
something that may help:

In Thunderbird, go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General.
Click on Config Editor. in the search box, enter:
Double-click that to set to false.


When set to false, TB will only update unread counts when you select the
newsgroup. You will most likely still notice a greyed screen when to
switch away from the newsgroup and then back, but this may help with the
misbehaving script issue. Note: you'll need to click on 'Get Mail' to
update the headers while in the newsgroup every now and then to fetch
new headers.

One other note: with you don't need to use the 'Reply to List'
button. That actually sends a reply to both 'gmane.linux.ubuntu.user'
and ubuntu-users at Instead, right-click on the bar that
shows ''Reply to List' and select 'Customize'. Then drag the 'Reply'
button to the bar. Now when you reply to the list via, you
only need to click on the 'Reply' button and the response will only go
to gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.

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