NoOp glgxg at
Sun Sep 18 23:53:41 UTC 2011

On 09/18/2011 02:33 PM, Jim Byrnes wrote:
> On 09/18/2011 01:37 PM, NoOp wrote:
>> One other note: with you don't need to use the 'Reply to List'
>> button. That actually sends a reply to both 'gmane.linux.ubuntu.user'
>> and ubuntu-users at Instead, right-click on the bar that
>> shows ''Reply to List' and select 'Customize'. Then drag the 'Reply'
>> button to the bar. Now when you reply to the list via, you
>> only need to click on the 'Reply' button and the response will only go
>> to gmane.linux.ubuntu.user.
> Does this mean you are seeing my messages twice? I'm not here. I don't 
> have a Reply to List button.  All I have is reply - forward - archive. 
> However, in addition to the from & subject lines I have to: 
> ubuntu-users at and newsgroups: gmane.linux.ubuntu.user 
> lines. Is that normal or is that the problem?
No. I only see your message once; most likely due to you not having a
'Reply to List' button. Odd, we are both using the same Gecko/20110902
Thunderbird/6.0.2 and mine only had the 'Reply to List' button. Maybe
something in my profile as I test multiple versions of TB & sometimes
I'm too lazy to change the profiles. I'll check on the other machine.

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